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You’re a maverick, a go-getter, a visionary, a trailblazer ready to make a lasting shift...

Despite your success and the luxuries that come with it, an emptiness lingers.

Others see your confidence and charisma, but inside, you often feel insecure.

You've paid a high price for your achievements. It's time to turn the spotlight inward, prioritize your well-being, and seek the support you've postponed.

You deserve deeper fulfillment—a life abundant with peace and harmony, free from the burdens that hold you back.

You have moved beyond the old paradigm of fear and guilt. Now, you yearn to create from joy, peace and compassion, trusting that the shift will generate positive ripples in the world. It's time to reassess your life with integrity and compassion.

You don't want to be someone who achieves success at the expense of health or family, only to live with regrets. Gaining clarity will help you make informed decisions.


We understand the unique challenges you face.

We're here to help you resolve what's holding you back and explore your spirituality while remaining highly functional, grounded, and at the top of your game.

We meet you with empathy, listen without judgment, and genuinely understand your struggles.

Our guidance is efficient and compassionate, tailored just for you.

Above all, we are dedicated to your well-being and growth.


The typical options out there might feel too 'New Age' or overly solemn and austere. You want people who understand your world, who speak your language, and resonate with your experiences.

You've likely tried therapy, meditation, coaching, retreats, plant medicines, and classic self-help texts, yet none have delivered the breakthrough you seek. You know others who’ve spent decades on these paths with minimal progress.

Awakening isn’t about changing who you are; it's about discarding who you're not.

A Magical and Direct Path to Fulfillment

We are here to accelerate your journey, saving you years, even decades of searching.

Our approach is direct and effective, so you don’t waste time on the wrong paths.

After decades of refining our methods, we offer the most efficient tools for creating extraordinary shifts and transformations in your life.

With us, you go farther, faster!

"Soul Doctors provides bespoke, compassionate solutions for discerning and discreet individuals, available both remotely and in person".

No matter how far you've come in life, we can help you evolve into the person you’re meant to be.

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Welcome To Soul Doctors

All the best,

Misha Baumann and Cécile Mennesson

Founders of Soul Doctors

Unique, Powerful and Effective

The Soul Doctors model is unique, powerful, and effective like few options for radical transformation can offer.

Michael B

Executive Success Coach

They Will Amaze You

Personally, they have had a huge influence on my life. They are beautiful, generous souls who will amaze you with their wisdom and compassion.

Cole V

Entrepreneur,  public speaker and singer/songwriter

Released Decades of Blockages

Their work has released decades of cement and barbwire from around my Heart!

Their process made me a better wife, a more loving mom, and a more accepting sister and daughter!

Dr. Cindy S

Medical doctor and health coach